Longer Technik

The mobile tool box allows you to carry long power tools such as hammer hammers, angle grinders or cement mixers with the necessary accessories. Its above-standard dimensions make it a unique product in its category. It is equipped with three adjustable compartments – including one Multi compartment, which makes it easy to keep the inside of the box organized thanks to the differentiated holders for hand tools.

Technik is the most professional version of Qbrick, equipped with innovative aluminum mounting rails that allow the use of classic carpentry clamps. Thanks to them, Qbrick System Technik boxes can be used as work tables, necessary for precise cutting, gluing or holding.

External dimensions32.2 [H] x 79.3 [W] x 38.5 [D] cm
Internal dimensions23 [H] x 63.5 [W] x 24.5 [D] cm
Diagonal806 mm
Capacity50 L
Quantity on pallet18