Medium Voltage Heat-shrink Tapes

HVBT heat-shrink tape coated in hot melt adhesive for MV

APPLICATION HVBT tape is part of the bar insulation product range. It is a heat-shrink tape coated with a hot melt adhesive on one side. INSTALLATION HVBT is installed wrapping it moderately taut on the bar with overlap equal to 2/3. When heated, it shrinks and adheres to the underlying layer. At the same time, the layers of this tape amalgamate to create a continuous insulation sheath. INSULATION DISTANCE Refer to the table on page 179 (BPM values) to determine the distances between the bars and toward grounding. HVBT tape is sold in 4 different widths and is coated with adhesive on the outer part. Fibreglass tape used to stop taping is provided with each roll.