Constant power heating cable

Easy Cable Constant, versatile power heating cable complete with termination accessory and power cable.

Especially suitable for solving anti-freeze problems: snow or ice accumulation on access ramps, walkways and stairs, or for frost protection of pipes or tanks, under adequate insulation. 3 standard lengths are available, with a specific power of 25 W/m, covering all possible tracking types. Complete with termination accessory and power cable, Easy cable is a shielded heating cable under a protective sheath with two conductors, with extremely simple and quick installation and connection. Please note that the cable should never be cut, spliced or overlapped.

Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Cable dimensions: ~ 5×7 mm
Min. installation temperature: +5°C
Max. working temperature: +80°C
Heating cable type:
2 conductors, screened cable
Specific power: 25 W/m
Insulation: XLPE
External sheath: PVC
Marking: CE