WonderBox IP68

Complete IP68 connection kit insulated with Wonder Fluid.

Universal IP68 kit with no shelf life, mechanically robust, non-toxic, suitable for installation in even the most extreme conditions and re-enterable. Protects from water, moisture, dust and accidental contact caused by insects.

WonderBox 65

  • 2 box Ø 65 x h 35mm
  • 4 cable glands PG16/caps
  • 1 single component cartridge

WonderBox 80

  • 1 box Ø 80 x h 40mm
  • 3 cable glands PG16 / caps
  • 1 single component cartridge

Electrical Performance:
CEI EN 60529
Gel: UL 94-HB
Operating temperature: 90°
Gel operating temperature: -60°C / +200°C
HF – Halogen Free:
in accordance with CEI EN 50267 2-2