Transition joints between multi core cables

Electrical field distribution When the cable shield is cut, the electrical field is controlled by a material that has already been experimented in terminations: the electrical gradient control tube. This tube is made of non-linear impedance insulating material that is able to control the electrical field both at the end of the cable shield and on the metal connector. As with the terminations, thanks to the heat-shrink components, the range of joints includes practically all the configurations of the existing cables, as well as the joints mixed between different types of cable. The kit references that appear on the selection tables are those that are most used by national installers for cable applications up to 36 kV. In the described cases, please contact Raytech regardless of the type of cable.

  • Transition joints between 3-core paper insulated cable and 3 single core extruded cables
  • Transition joints between 3-core extruded cable and 3 single core paper insulated cables
  • Single core plastic or paper insulated cable joint with screen interruption

Identification data of appropriate junction

Electrical performance:
CEI 20-24 • CEI 20-62/2
Test Report