Three-core heat-shrink terminations for indoor / outdoor use

Terminations for armoured and non armoured extruded cables up to 36 kV

Heat-shrink terminations are immediately energizable, fast to package and reliable. High shrinkage ratios serve to broaden the ranges of application and reduce the number of kits to be put into stock. The first problem to solve with medium voltage accessories is avoiding the concentration of voltage on the shield cutting line. The use of polymers charged with metal oxides with in non-linear characteristics has allowed for optimal distribution of the electrical field without enlarging the terminal. The field control element can be a sheath to be applied directly on the cable head or an extruded layer made with external covering sheath.

  • Extremely simple
  • Do not require special labour
  • Can be installed in all conditions
  • No shelf life

Identification data of appropriate termination

Electrical performance:
CEI 20-24 • HD 629-1
Note: contact Raytech regarding smaller cable insulation thickness
Test Report