Digital wireless timed thermostat

RID-WL Digital wireless timed thermostat

Raytech has established the innovative WIRELESS RID-WL TIMED ROOM THERMOSTAT for maximum efficiency and speed and ease of installation. This system combines well-known reliability and control of environmental parameters of the system RID with a wireless connection. The RID-WL, which operates in radio frequency, allows non-invasive installation in any environment, both for new installations and those related to renovations, or to reinforce an existing primary system. The RID-WL is coupled with its own receiver, tuned to the frequency of its own thermostat (exclusive signal), which is able to control an ampacity of 16 A. RID-WL, since it is not wired, it can be moved within the range of use and positioned where controlling the parameters is important. It is equipped with an easy to read backlit LCD screen and is programmable and provided with a built-in internal sensor, but can be connected to a separate sensor, for example on the floor.  

Temperature accuracy: 0,1°C
Field of operation: from 0°C to +40°C
Field of temperature: from 5°C to +35°C
Power supply: 2 AAA 1.5 V batteries
Degree of protection: IP30
Frequency: 868 MHz
Powered receiver: 230 V, 50 Hz
Relay range: 16 A
Range in distance:100 m outdoors, 30 m indoors

Programmable in 30 minute blocks 9 pre-installed programmes and 4 user-set programmes ”Self-learning” temperature control Child lock Low battery alarm Unlimited programme memory in the case of discharged batteries