Raytech Intelligent Display

Intelligent room timed thermostat

The RID (Raytech Intelligent Display) microprocessor room timed thermostat is simple to use, thanks to its step-by-step programming guide. The easy to read display supplies a complete explanation of set parameters after 10 seconds. It includes a wood floor function, which limits the temperature to 28°C for wood flooring. The RID autonomously controls all room functions, with no need for extra operations. Weekly programming makes it possible to to take into account the set temperature to be maintained, the type and thickness of the flooring, temperature limits not to be exceeded, modes for increasing temperature, etc. This device is equipped with an anti-freeze function when the house is not inhabited, a block for untimely interventions (for example children) and communicates any operating failures to the appropriate alarms.  

Sensor: Included with the kit
Temperature range: +5 / +50°C
Temperature limit: +5 / +55°C
Start Up Programme: Automatic, self learning
Manual: 0,1-10°C
Room temperature: 0 / +40°C
Differential On/Off: Standard 0,4°C Adjustable 0,1-1°C
Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Self-consumption: 5 W
Max output current: 16 A (3400 W/220 V)