Rapid Joint IP68

Radial closing gel pre-filled joint for extruded insulation cables up to 1 kV.

Primary insulation, consisting of a cross-linked polymer gel, and the exceptionally robust insulating plastic casing render Class 2 joints in accordance with the definitions contained in standard CEI 64-8. The joint has been tested in accordance with the main international specifications, with repeated flexing and torsion tests and immersion in water, and has been declared as conforming to the mechanical, electrical and sealing specifications required for plastic cable accessories. The joint and its components have an unlimited shelf life, are chemically inert and therefore completely safe. Conductor connections are re-enterable even after long periods of operation. Made with self-extinguishing material, flame retardant, for cables at 90°C working temperature. The radial closing system facilitates joint application, making them re-enterable only by means of a tool.

  • For straight connections (in line)
  • For multi core cables of up to 5 cores
  • With suitable spacers
  • For all types of application, including submersible
  • Wide range of cable formations
  • Re-enterable only by means of a tool
  • Suitable for 3 core crossing
  • Non-toxic, with no expiry date

Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393 • CEI 20-33
(with testing under water head and water between the cable cores)
Class 2 in accordance with CEI 64-8.
No flame propagation:
CEI 20-35 • IEC 60332-1 • HD405-1
(as applicable)
Low smoke and toxic and corrosiand corrosive gas emissions
Gel: UL 94-HB
Casing mix: UL 94-V2
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -40°C / +50°C
Degree of protection:
IP68 (IMQ Officially Tested)
IP69K (Officially Tested)

Rapid Joint L1.5-IP68

Rapid Joint L6-IP68

Rapid Joint L10-IP68

Rapid Joint L25-IP68