Toolbox 200 2.0 Vario

ONE 200 is a universal, modular toolbox that combines the features of a container for medium-sized tools with the function of an organizer. Thanks to the adjustable partitions, the user can create the optimal combination for their needs. Each box is equipped with a flexible seal that provides full protection against the ingress of dust and water (IP66).

The standard version of the VARIO cover is equipped with additional connectors that allow this version of the cover to be connected with the toolbox models from the Qbrick System PRO – 500, Toolcase, Toolbox, Organizer 100, 200 and 300 lines, and alternatively with PRO 600 boxes. This is a unique version of the box, thanks to which the user can combine elements from two product lines. The reinforced structure of the cover and the body guarantees high load capacity (50 kg) and withstands pressure of up to 120 kg, making it possible to create comfortable working platforms.

Version 2.0 of the Qbrick System ONE product line is a new generation of toolboxes and organizers with a reinforced design. Additional adaptation of the bodies for the installation of threaded inserts in the size of M8 gives the possibility of any personalization of the system for the needs of the user.

External dimensions17.1 [H] x 58.5 [W] x 38.5 [D] cm
Internal dimensions9.7 [H] x 51.9 [W] x 30.5 [D] cm
Diagonal679 mm
Capacity15.4 L
Quantity on pallet24

QB-ONE-200 2.0 VARIO