Organizer XL 2.0 Long Bin

Qbrick System ONE Organizer XL Long Bin is a new version of the XL organizer from the family of modular ONE organizers, which can be combined with each other, but also with all boxes from the ONE line. Its contents are secured by a sturdy slide equipped with additional connectors for connecting smaller organizer models (M, M Plus and L).

The XL Long Bin organizer is equipped with 4 oblong buckets. Each of them has 3 removable compartments allowing for any organization of their internal space. It is the only such organizer on the market that allows you to transport and store elements up to 50 cm in length.

Version 2.0 of the ONE line of products is a new generation of toolboxes and organizers with a reinforced design. Additional adaptation of the bodies for the installation of threaded inserts in the size of M8 gives the possibility of any personalization of the system for the needs of the user.

External dimensions13.1 [H] x 58.5 [W] x 38.5 [D] cm
Internal dimensions
9.7 [H] x 51.9 [W] x 30.5 [D]
Diagonal679 mm
Capacity13.5 L
Quantity on pallet