Organizer Plus M 2.0

The Qbrick System ONE Organizer M Plus 2.0 is a higher model of the M 2.0 organizer from the ONE line of modular organizers that can be combined together in multiple configurations. The M Plus 2.0 organizer features the patented Easy Access System, which, thanks to special connectors, allows easy access to each module without the need to unzip them, significantly improving ergonomics.

As standard, the M Plus 2.0 Organizer comes with 5 accessory buckets, including 4 smaller buckets and one elongated bucket for storing and transporting your workshop’s elongated items. Additionally, the contents of the organizer are protected against the ingress of water and dust by a flexible gasket mounted in the polycarbonate cover. A special organizer lid lock prevents it from falling uncontrolledly.

Version 2.0 primarily features new, robust and easy-to-use polyamide fasteners that tighten the lid to the body. In addition, an additional apron around the standard-mounted seal has been added to the M 2.0 organizer’s lid to provide better resistance to dust and water ingress.

External dimensions10.6 [H] x 26.4 [W] x 36.4 [D] cm
Internal dimensions
7.6 [H] x 22 [W] x 24 [D] cm
Diagonal325 mm
Capacity4 L
Quantity on pallet270