Organizer 2XL 2.0

Qbrick System ONE Organizer 2XL is both the largest and highest model appearing in the family of modular organizers found in the ONE line, which can be combined with each other, but also with all the boxes in the ONE line. Like the XL organizer, it provides a link between the box set and the smaller organizer models (L, M and M Plus).

The 2XL organizer is equipped with new, four buckets measuring more than 30 cm each. Each of them is additionally equipped with 3 adjustable partitions that allow for any organization of their internal space. The height inside each bucket is 13.5 cm.

As part of the launch of this organizer model, QS ONE Connect Adapters (2 pcs) are added to its interior, which allow the XL and 2XL organizers and all other boxes from the ONE line to be stably and securely attached in a vertical position (walls of the workshop, bus) with a maximum load capacity of 15 kg or in a horizontal position (floor/shelf of the workshop, bus) with a maximum load capacity of 50 kg.

Version 2.0 of the Qbrick System ONE product line is a new generation of toolboxes and organizers with a reinforced design. Additional adaptation of the bodies for the installation of threaded inserts in the size of M8 gives the possibility of any personalization of the system for the needs of the user.

External dimensions17.2 [H] x 58.2 [W] x 38.7 [D] cm
Internal dimensions
13.8 [H] x 51.9 [W] x 30.5 [D] cm
Diagonal679 mm
Capacity19.5 L
Quantity on pallet48