Medium Voltage Heat-shrink Sheaths

Sheaths for insulating bars inside electrical cabinets or outdoors in primary or secondary cabinets

APPLICATION Primary (HV-MV) and secondary (MV-LV) electrical up to 36 kV today come in very compact sizes. Bars need to be insulated to prevent surface discharges and accidental short-circuits that are essentially caused by animal intrusion. Heat-shrink shrink sheaths for MV can be used on round and rectangular copper or aluminium bars. They are flexible and elastic, can be installed on previously bent bars without any risks of tearing or rippling. DESCRIPTION Sheaths utilise a special elastomer cross-linked by irradiation, with an exceptional insulating power and excellent seal over time, even in case of continuous use at high temperature. They do not contain halogens and therefore there is no risk of emission of toxic or corrosive substances in case of fire. They are resistant to solvents, UV radiation, exposure to weather, impact and tear, and therefore are fully suitable for use outdoors. INSTALLATION Sheaths for MV can be easily factory installed, when dealing with mass production, using an oven for heat-shrink. In situ, shrinking can be carried out with the aid of a torch or a hot air torch. Heat the sheath to over 120°C and it will shrink on the bar without risk of damage because the material is cross-linked and very resistant to high temperatures. The great elasticity of the sheaths allows, if necessary, for being of the bars during assembly of the electric cabinet with the sheath already installed.