Heat-Shrink Yellow & green tube for general use in bars

RDCT-B Yellow green tube for general use in bars

Flexible heat-shrink modified polyolefin sheaths, cross linked by means of radiation. Longitudinal shortening up to 15%. Suitable for insulation and covering of conductors and their connections, bars. etc. Replace self-adhesive, self-amalgamating insulating tapes.

Minimum shrinkage temperature: 125°
Operating temperature: -55°C / +125°C

Tensile resistance: 14,8 MPa
Elongation: 460 %
Tensile resistance after ageing: 14,5*
Elongation after ageing: 480 %*
Dielectric strength: 17 kV/mm*
Flammability: VW1*
* (UL 224 test method)

RDCT-B 3/1.5

RDCT-B 6/3

RDCT-B 10/5

RDCT-B 12/6

RDCT-B 19/9

RDCT-B 26/13