Heat-shrink joints for high voltage 72 kV

RELIABILITY The simplicity and lightness of heat-shrink joints for high voltage make these a highly reliable accessory. SCREW CONNECTORS These joints are provided with a special screw connector that allows you to splice large section conductors without special tools and without heat treatment. Screws have a predetermined breakaway head which ensures perfect electrical connection. ELECTRICAL FIELD CONTROL Apply a sheath with electric field control properties of the above the connector and the ends of the cable semiconductor. This heat-shrink tube is rendered conductive at the centre to shield the connector (Faraday system). The field control tube, which covers the cable dielectric, accompanies the expansion due to load cycles. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Insulation and shielding are obtained with two double wall heat-shrink elastomeric tubes. The internal tube is formed by two walls co-extruded in insulating material (red). The external tube is formed by a co-extruded insulating wall (red) with a black conductor part which acts as the joint shield. The external wall of the co-extruded wall is heat-shrink, while the internal wall is an elastomer maintained in expanded form thanks to close union with the external part. The application of heat to the external part causes this to contract up to a predetermined diameter, at the same time allowing the internal part to perfectly adapt to the underlying layer.