Fire stop barrier in intumescent sealing mastic

Fire Stop Seal Fire stop barrier in intumescent sealing mastic

Intumescent mastic to seal and close small voids in walls, also in addition to other types of barriers. It is applied to seal a void or to provide a barrier in a cable duct.

  • A polymer compound with fireproof fibres and intumescent in an aqueous solution
  • Non-hygroscopic and thixotropic
  • Can be applied with a spatula

Intumescent sealant putty for corrugated pipes.

Putty containing highly heat-sensitive graphite, specifically for corrugated electrical pipes containing cables. Crossing can contain up to two 25mm corrugated pipes paired in the same hole with cable with cross-section up to 10mm2.

Class EI 120
Non toxic and asbestos free
Does not emit toxis gases and dense fumes

In compliance with standard
EN 1366-3

FSS 310

FSS 10