Straight or branch heat-shrink joints for extruded insulation cables up to a 1 kV

Straight or branch heat-shrinkable joints for extruded insulation cables up to a 1 kV GDL Joint for single core cables including concentric neutral GLV Joint for multi core cables (also for submersible pumps) GLV-N Joint for multi core cables with concentric neutral GLV-ARM Joint for armoured multi core cables BOPA Joint for MV cables for public lighting DJ LV branch joint GLV F/R – GMP F/R Joint for fire resistant cables Raytech flame resistant joints are suitable for 0.6/1 kV cables both for power, and for signalling and control DJ F/R Branch joint for fire resistant cables Raytech joints DJ F/R are fire resistant joints suitable for 0.6/1 kV power cables GMP Joint kits for multi conductor cables for signalling, command and control GMC Joint kits for multi pair cables for communication, command or control

Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393 • CEI 20-33
(with testing under water head and water between the cable cores)
No flame propagation:
CEI 20-35 • IEC 60332-1 HD405-1
(as applicable)
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -15°C / +45°C

GDL 92 A1

GDL 92 A2

GDL 92 A3


GLV 0306

GLV 0316

GLV 0335

GLV 0370

GLV 3150

GLV 3300

GLV 0406

GLV 0416

GLV 0435

GLV 0470

GLV 4150

GLV 4300

GLV 2.5-CP

GLV 0306-N

GLV 0316-N

GLV 0335-N

GLV 0370-N

GLV 3150-N

GLV 3300-N

GLV 0406-N

GLV 0416-N

GLV 0435-N

GLV 0470-N

GLV 4150-N

GLV 4300-N

GLV 0406-ARM

GLV 0416-ARM

GLV 0450-ARM

GLV 4150-ARM

GLV 4300-ARM




BOPA 3/2

BOPA 4/T transition




GLV 0435- RP/16

GLV 0470- RP/35

GLV 0470- RP/50

GLV 0150- RP/150

GLV 4004-F/R

GLV 4016-F/R

GLV 4050-F/R

GLV 4150-F/R

GMP 007-F/R

GMP 014-F/R

GMP 030-F/R

GLV 4006-F/R-G7

GLV 4016-F/R-G7

GLV 4050-F/R-G7

GLV 4150-F/R-G7

GMP 014-F/R-G7

GMP 019-F/R-G7

DJ 4016 – F/R

GMP 007

GMP 014

GMP 021

GMP 040

GMP 075

GMP 100

GMP 007-A

GMP 014-A

GMP 021-A

GMP 040-A

GMP 075-A

GMC 010

GMC 020

GMC 030

GMC 050

GMC 100

GMC 004-A

GMC 007-A

GMC 019-A

GMC 037-A

GMC 061-A