Self-adhesive thermal insulating tape

Linus Self-adhesive thermal insulating tape

To offer a complete solution in the field of electrical tracking, Raytech has developed a new product, LINUS, an insulation tape to maintain temperature. The product is a closed-cell expanded synthetic rubber, low thermal conductivity and extremely flexible tape. The rubber tape is coupled with an aluminium sheet to protect against tearing, for greater resistance to perforation and higher tensile resistance. It also protects very well against UV radiation. The tape is self-adhesive for easy application on tracked pipes. The closed cells and the special material type give the tape very high insulating properties and optimal behaviour in the presence of condensation.

Density: 0,7
Temperature range: -50°C -105°C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ):0,039 W/mK a 50°C
Flame resistance: Bs3-dO (DIN EN 13501-1)